Nathan Finney  I started kayak fishing in a small sit in kayak from a big box store and got hooked up with the Mountain State kayak Anglers Tournament Trail in it’s infancy. It has now grown into one of the biggest clubs and tournament trails in the country. 
  I quickly realized that my small kayak, even tho it got the job done, was not quite up to the challenge of competitive tournament fishing. After searching for many months I came across Bob's Up The Creek Outfitters and Vibe Kayaks. After emailing back and forth with Bob my decision was made.  
  2017 was my first year fishing out of my Vibe SeaGhost 130 and the positive impact it’s had is undeniable. I’ve had multiple top 50 and top 20 finishes in tournaments of up  to 150+ Anglers and placed 47 in the Angler of the year points of almost 200 anglers. 
  I’m excited to see what the future hold for kayak angling and proud to be a part of the pro staff for Bobs Up The Creek Outfitters! 

Jeff Hotz  I have been an avid fisherman all my life born originally in Charlottesville VA I join the Army at the young age of 17. Being in the military was a great adventure and it allowed me to fish all over the united states for all kinds of different types of fish. After retiring from the Army my travels brought me back to the Charlottesville area and it has allowed me to really pursue my passion for fishing. In 2017 I had decided I really wanted to get into kayak fishing and by 2018 I had my first kayak and I instantly fell in love with the sport of kayak fishing! So after spending the summer fishing out of my first kayak I decided I wanted to upgrade. So I sold my 21ft proline fishing boat and bought 2 vibe sea ghost kayaks the 130 and the 110 and I could not be more happy with that decision. I mainly fish for large mouth and small mouth bass but I also target other species as well like stripers, trout, crappie, northern pike, walleye, pickerel, and just about anything else that will tug my line and bend my rod! I spend most of my time fishing lakes and rivers and making fishing Youtube videos trying to pass on what I know about fishing and what I use to fish to others. I always enjoy taking others fishing with me and passing on what I know to them so they can become better fisherman and I always enjoy learning from others as well.

David Williams Paramedic that loves the work ,Hunter that wants to get the big one, Bass Fisherman wanting the 10lb hook set ,proud father and husband,
country live-n nothin better!

Daron Jetton Born and raised in Texas, fishing large bodies of water in big bass rigs, I am now hooked on kayak fishing! It is an amazing feeling sitting inches off the water, quietly stalking that next trophy catch. Kayaks bring a whole new element to fishing and the outdoors. I fish from the Vibe SG130. My favorite body of water is Caddo Lake, TX. My dream fishing expedition is peacock bass fishing in the Amazon. By kayak of course! I have fished the Texas B.A.S.S. Federation, volunteered with Kid Fish and currently a member of the Virginia Bass League and Yaktribe Forum. I love sharing my passion and knowledge of the sport and learning from other anglers. Follow me on this journey on Facebook and Instagram!

Jonathan Paine Born and raised in West Virginia, I have always loved to fish but became more serious about it after college. I reside in the heart of Appalachia with countless fishing opportunities surrounding me. Whether it be our pristine native brook trout waters or the lakes with giant musky, I consider myself a complete angler chasing all species. Having a Vibe Kayak has allowed me to reach new waters and sections of rivers I have never ventured to! I am involved with conservation and enjoy giving back to the resource through volunteer efforts. I am most experienced in fly fishing but will use any technique for success. I am thankful to be included in the Vibe Family and look forward to growing as an angler and learning new things and making new friends. This is why I Vibe! No Drama, Just Adventure! God Bless!

Zachary Adkins ​Multi-Species fishing addict. If it swims I chase it. I grew up in southern WV and now live in the eastern panhandle of the state. Fishing has taken me to a number of different locations, all awesome in their own ways. I've been fishing out of a kayak since the early 2000's and it's a great tool to reach those hard to reach places as well as for post work 'throw and go' outings. I'm not sure what the future holds, but I'm certain fishing will be the focus of it, just as it's been the past 25 years.






Brad Raines I was born and raised in the mountains of West Virginia. When I was around 10, my aunt and uncle bought a little place on Lake Gaston. I can still remember the first bass from his boat to this day. From that point on, I was hooked. I moved to Waynesboro in 2009. Now, I cant get on the water enough! Although I own a 21ft bass boat, there is nothing better than catching bass out of a kayak! I have witnessed first hand; bear swimming, deer drinking from the bank, a family of raccoons at their local watering hole, bald eagles soaring in for the catch... When you set the hook and the kayak moves 4ft, you know it's either a log or a BIG EN! Bob's Up the creek got me in my first Vibe Seaghost 130 and it was at that moment I realized the value of having a good fishing kayak. It changes everything!

Derek Borkey I am 35 years old. I am married and have 5 children. I am located in the Shenandoah Valley in Waynesboro, VA. I grew up in New Kent County fishing the Chickahominy River, Chesapeake Bay, and Diascund Reservoir. In my current location, I fish Lake Albemarle, Beaver Creek, the South River, Thrasher Lake, Stonehouse Lake and Rivanna Reservior. I predominately fish for bass, trout, and crappie. I did catch a 25 lb. carp out of the South River while on my Seaghost 130 last year and also plenty of bass. I have been fishing since the age of 4 or 5. I consider myself an avid fisherman and am passing the tradition on to my children. I have been kayak fishing for 3 and a half years now as before I either bank fished or used my Pelican Bass Raider, but now I prefer kayak fishing. I have owned 4 kayaks, 3 of which were VIBES. I owned the Seaghost 130 and currently own the Yellowfin 100 and the Seaghost 110. I have also added many modifications to the Seaghost 110, which I have posted to the VIBE owner’s Facebook page. I am also considering entering some kayak bass tournaments this year. I am the lead administrator of 2 Facebook pages; Just One More Cast and VA Kayak Bass Hunters which I am open to new admins. I am excited to share my knowledge with others and gain some as well.

Sam Scott I’m a River Guide here in central, VA specializing in Trophy muskie from the Kayak. I love to catch the toothy critters with conventional tackle with big lures or fly tackle with 12-15” Bucktail flys. I prefer to fish moving water, as it offers more challenges and definitely more action on a fishing trip. When I’m not fishing, I work a day job developing UAS ( Drone ) tech for a local company I’ve been with since the beginning.


Jason Hensley I live in Chesterfield, Va. with my wife and two wonderful kids. My passion is bass fishing, but I love to catch anything that bites! I just recently started kayak fishing in 2016 when I purchased my Vibe SeaGhost 130 from Bob's Up The Creek Outfitters. I love learning new techniques and sharing my knowledge with others, helping them catch fish and enjoy the outdoors. Favorite waters to fish are Sandy River Reservoir, Buggs Island, Lake Gaston, Briery Creek and Smith Mountain Lake. My hobbies other than fishing include hunting, golf, softball and bowling.  

Marc Gilbert Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley, I grew up fishing every pond, creek, lake or river I could find. I served in the U.S. Army aboard tug boats where I fished whenever possible. Married for 35 years, I have two kids and four grandkids. Faith, family and country are first in my life. In 2012 I left the fish and ski boat scene for the quite and calmness of kayaking. My passion is fishing for larger species like big blue and flathead cats, striper, and carp. Largest fish on a kayak is 39 pound carp and a sand shark just over 40 inches. I do enjoy bass fishing also.

Derrick Landon A born and raised Virginian, who loves the water and all it has to offer. Former Army combat medic. Father of 4 and husband to 1. A born again believer, who puts God , Family, Country in that order. Kayak angler sense 1999 before it was the cool thing to do. Proud to be part of the UTCO Pro Staff and the family behind it. Supporter of local businesses and the American dream.