KL Base


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In stock now.

Built For Adventure

LXT-LK6 $1,599

The submersible â€KL” is the perfect trailer for the silent sports enthusiast. This product has been designed to carry a large variety of recreational products such as kayaks, SUPs, surfboards, sailboards, canoes, bikes, storage boxes, coolers and other equipment. Use this trailer for your passion today and what you grow to love tomorrow.

Special order only.

LXT-LK4 $1,449

Special order only.

4-5 Kayak Package

(includes Mast Kit and Base)  $1,454


6-7 Kayak Package 

(includes Mast Kit, Arm Kit and Base) $1,673

In stock now.

Designed specifically for the outdoor sports industry,

 Triton Kayak Trailer LXT

effectively eliminates handling problems and provides the easiest and safest way to bring new kayaks home, and, on to the water for years to come. You can haul 2-6 kayaks with our different rack systems.

Special order only.

LXT-LK2 $1,299